Multi-Factorial Resources for Service Providers

Successful fall prevention involves three main strategies: (1) balance training and physical activity, (2) medical management, and (3) environmental/home modifications. Whether you are a service provider, healthcare provider, or home health care provider this section provides useful tools and information for you in becoming part of the solution to falls among older adults.

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Balance and Mobility

Balance Assessment Handbook
This tool helps assess balance and should be used in conjunction with the Balance Assessment Video. Balance Assessment Handbook – Component of the Falls Toolkit (pdf)

Balance and Mobility
This site provides balance and mobility information.                              

CDC Fall Prevention Toolkit 
This site provides fact sheets, graphs, posters and brochures about falls and fall prevention for older adults designed for fall prevention programs and useful for patient education.

Medical Management/Medications

Patient’s Guide to Fall Prevention
This brochure provides a guide to help you identify risk factors for falling, including a form to list medicines taken and dosages. Preventing Medication Related Falls (pdf)

Health of Seniors
This article provides answers to on frequently asked questions about falls, reviewed by the Harvard Medical School.


Taking Action to Prevent Falls: A Home Environmental Assessment: A checklist for identifying problems and potential solutions within the home. This checklist goes through key problem areas and fall hazards, providing a framework for addressing these issues via both resident and assessor involvement. Taking Action to Prevent Falls: A Home Environmental Assessment (pdf)

Stay Safe
In poster form, this illustration shows 14 dangerous household problems that could lead to falls. Safety Poster – 14 dangerous things (pdf)

Home Health Care Management
This document covers multi-factorial fall risk assessment and Intervention for community-dwelling seniors and the role of home health agencies. Home Health Care Management (pdf)

Comprehensive Websites


Technical Assistance Brief #2
This brief document discusses how fall prevention can be integrated into existing organizational structures. Gretchen Alkema, LCSW. Integrating Fall Prevention Components into Existing Organizational Structures (pdf)